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10:47pm 17/02/2007
  Does anyone even write on here anymore Or not and if not is there somewhere else ??? i dunno  
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I'm not dead........yet   
08:30pm 13/02/2007
mood: crazy
well hello everyone its been a long time I'm now living in POland Indiana its close to Cloverdale.... I live with a guy and his three kids I'm like his live in nanny or something its cool creeper{thats the guy} hes cool hes like 44 or something but yeah Jeremiah left me cause I suck and yeah but yeah I dont think i can make here much longer but me and my babies have no where else to go ..anyways life still sucks and I miss my family {jeremiah} and any friends I thought I had
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12:32am 23/01/2007
mood: lonely
one more kiss
it wont mean a thing

i ate all your love
then puked it up

my lips just speak lies
ask him

he hears no honesty
he cant look away
2 little boys stand in his way
its been a long time   
10:00pm 07/12/2006
mood: blah
so Im okay . were living indianapolis the ghetto.. Umm I had another baby his name is Hayden he is almost 7 months old and Tyler who will be three this month. Im still with jeremiah my life partner. we had been doing pretty good living on own, in the ghetto miah got his radio and cds stole out of the truck then we got our rent money stole then we got all our tvs ps2 and miahs new gun stolen sucked all my moms jewlery and shit. but were cool, and miah has his job and I had mine. but about a montha go I quit my job because their bitches at the goodwill. but no biggy we do good on just jeremiah workin . but jeremiah got fired like right after thanksgiving so were struggling but things will get better. but yeah so hayden startewd dancing today .. how great is that
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live strong   
11:28pm 21/03/2005
mood: okay
hi long time... my son Tyler is doing awesome he is now one... and I still am with my love Jeremiah... things are okay right now they could be better but its all gravy... i now work at Goodwill In Plainfield fun fun i liek it ... Its nice to get out of the house and to see anna and stuff.. umm yeah but life is okay and no one is dying so things are okay


lets slip into the past
be back in five

no iterruptions
just me and you

you can sip from my glass

you'll like how Ive aged

you"ll have seconds

dont be worried
just close the door

dont worry
i wont fall

I've learned some new tricks


like my new style

you just want a taste
but you'll drink more..... blah
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Tyler's surgery   
02:07pm 30/05/2004
  well like I have explained on here before my son's head was shaped different when he was born. because 2 plates had already formed together that wasn't suppose to, making his forehead come to a point
so his surgery was friday it lasted 10 hours.. and he is now off the venalator and eating on his own. his head is still increadably swollen his eyes are swollen shut and he still is in a lot of pain but everything is looking good... but yeah just wanted to tell anyone that would want to know.. riley is good hospital

03:58pm 08/02/2004
  me and baby  
my love Jeremiah and Tyler   
03:53pm 08/02/2004
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my baby   
03:49pm 08/02/2004
03:38pm 08/02/2004
  title or description  
09:48pm 29/01/2004
  well I have picture of tyler(mybaby) I got them put on a disc when I got them developed but now I have no idea how to put them on here and what to do so yeah I dunno someone tell me how !!!!!!!!!!!!  
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yup yup   
06:43pm 06/01/2004
  well .. if anyone wants to come and see Tyler sometime just call I should be here...  
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I have a baby!!!   
08:50pm 03/01/2004
  Its a boy....
Tyler Eugene Walker
8 lbs 6.7ounces
and 21 inches long
born Dec 30th at 8:43am
when I can I will try to get some pictures on here..

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my baby   
12:25pm 12/12/2003
  well I am 37 weeks pregnate... i have a c section scheduled for the 29th of December. my baby's head is shaped weird making him to big to fit out of me so thats why I'm getting a c section... umm but it shouldn't be anything serious but i'll know more once hes is out... its weird and to much to type on here.. but eveyrthing is going well ... IM name on aol is gaotdhdeensas  
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well well well   
08:31pm 13/11/2003
  well... I'm having aboy I'm going to name him tyler eugene and his last name will be walker... ummm and my number is 539 4821 I usually here during the day... ummm right now our cars are broke down but if you guys want I could come up there some time once are cars are fixed... I not real sure where anna lives anymore and ummmm yeah i won't shut the door on any of you guys... but yeah get a hold of me and if any one has yahoo i have a yahoo name gaotdhdeensas so you can talk to me on there still workin on aol

12:05am 06/11/2003
  also my IM name will be GaOtDhDeEnSaS on aol or whatever pretty darn soon and I still have that yahoo email thing  
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12:02am 06/11/2003
  well not been online to much.... umm I have no instant mesager name right now caue we got some new internet thihngy to use now... I'm 32 weeks 8 more to go and then aI will be a mommy and havea little boy.... fun fun I guess I would say life is treating me well kinda hopefully by spring things will be better and i'll be a fat house wife woo hoo or something like that  
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11:29pm 16/09/2003
  well well I am noe living at my dad's house in belleville where I use to live its okay nothing real new going on ... I am now like 6 months pregnate... and also if you want to Im me on aol my name is thena24272 and my new email is thena24272@cs.com yup so yeah  
nothing real new....   
10:41pm 21/07/2003
  well I'm still doing okay ... still prego fun fun.... and I'm not aroumd a computer all the time so if you email me it might be a while before I reply.... gaotdhdeensas@yahoo.com

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i'm still alive   
08:14pm 30/06/2003
  well its been a long ass time since I have wrote in here... I guess I just went on a not do anything kick... or something but yeah life is trying to work out once I get a job it should be cool. I met a boy Named Jeremiah... hes wonderful.. I love him ... not a lot really new with me except I'm knocked up almost 4 months pregnate not woo hoo.... I guess but I think everything is gonna be alright... so yeah.. umm if any one wants to talk to me I still have my IM name and my email is gaotdhdeensas@yahoo.com so yeah

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